Things To Avoid While Designing Commercial Vehicle Wraps

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Today, almost every business is opting for commercial vehicle wraps and when we look at the advantages, it becomes clear why everyone is getting their vehicle fleet covered with colourful graphics that align with their brand. It allows you to promote your brand while your vehicle fleet is at work. You can target your potential customers on busy roads, crowded parking lots or on freeways. Most people drive to work and while on road they are away from all digital mediums which opens them to consume fresh information. When your vehicle passes by, it leaves a mark in people’s subconscious memory and when they are looking for a service that your business provides, there is a chance that your name might pop in their heads. Custom truck wraps are one of the most affordable forms of advertising, and according to Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA,) vehicle wraps cost less than $44 per million impressions, compared to outdoor signs at $3.56 per thousand impressions, and newspaper ads at $19.70 for per thousand impressions. This is the reason many businesses are taking advantage of commercial vehicle wraps for advertising. 

It all sounds sweet right? But before you decide to go for a custom truck wraps or commercial truck lettering have a look at few things that you should avoid: 

Don’t Overdo it, Keep it Simple. 

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You must remember that most of the time your vehicle is being seen on the roads for a few seconds and your potential customers are just getting a glance. So, it is very important that you only keep information on the vehicle, which is vital such as your brand name, logo, contact information etc. Putting too much information on your vehicle can make your potential customers confused about your service.

No Fancy Fonts. Send a Clear Message. 

This may sound generic, but most of the times designers tend to get more artistic about their work and forget about its practical implication. You should remember that not always, it would be the case that the reader is next to your vehicle, sometimes they can be a bit far and, in those situations, it is necessary that your message has been written in a font that is readable from the distance.  Whatever your message may be, it should reach your audience clearly. You should make sure that your services are highlighted properly, and your truck vinyl wrap or truck lettering is designed accordingly. 

Avoid Poor Images 

While designing your commercial vehicle wrap, always make sure to use high-quality images. Whether it’s truck decals or custom truck wraps, quality of image plays a very important role in your overall design, as it is going to get enlarged to certain levels so, it is always good to use professionally clicked images. In your overall design, it’s the image that is going to get the maximum attention so, to make sure your investment gets the best outcome, use high-quality images.

Your Message Should Not Be Boring 

You cannot afford to sound boring in your overall message. Of course, your message will revolve around your business and the services you provide, and you are not supposed to be writing jokes on your vehicle fleet graphics. However, you must remember that when your potential customers read your message, it is going to set an image of your business in their minds and nobody would want to deal with a company which sounds boring. So, be creative in creating and delivering your messages. 

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Lastly, don’t stick to sides, with proper designing you can also utilize the backs and fronts of your cars and trucks. At the end of the day, it’s your investment and you should try to take the maximum benefit out of it. You can consult with your vehicle wrap company and design truck wraps that can be installed on front and back mirrors too. Just keep a check on local laws. 

Now, you are well informed about the things which you should avoid while designing custom wraps for your vehicle fleet. Just contact your local sign company and get started.  

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